My family has been coming here for years now and can't ask for better customer service. They all treat you like family and are a pleasure to do business with. I've had everything from major repairs to simple oil changes & tire rotations and they always do quality work. If I have ever had an issue with a repair they have always handled the problem with integrity and have never made an excuse or been rude about the issue. They also have great prices on tires. They don't keep them in stock and have to order them but so far they have beat even online prices. Great place and worth the drive if you live outside of Olive Branch and they also have a location in Collierville. - Randy C. (5 star review on Yelp)

I suspected I had a coolant problem, these guys looked at it, tested it and found nothing, they charged nothing for their time, definitely honest and I will use them next time I have a car issue. - Jim G. (5 star review on Yelp)

I've moved three times since I lived in Memphis, but when I discovered an old business card from Cecil's, I had to write a review- they were by far the most friendly, generous and fair mechanics I've ever dealt with.

I brought a stream of pre-owned cars I was considering buying to Cecil's and they gave me a frank list of the good and ugly on each, and then refused to let me pay. I'd recommend them to anyone! -Shannon M. (5 star review on Yelp)

These guys are awesome!  My parents have been using them for probably close to 20 years - since they were on Winchester (the Hickory Hill area).  Now they've moved further east to Collierville ((Houston Levee (at Winchester) (the old Winchester location and the midtown (Union ave.) locations have both closed)).

They are friendly, fast and efficient - and seem to be honest and fair.  I had a lot of work done last summer - including buying new tires from them. I discovered yesterday I had a nail in one of my tires which was causing a slow leak, so I took my car in today and not even thirty minutes later and FREE OF CHARGE my tire was repaired and I was good to go.  

I highly recommend Cecil's and as long as I live in memphis, this is where I'll take my car for service. - Megan S. (5 star review on Yelp)

Excellent, fast and fair! These guys are so nice and genuine. Service is quick and excellent. They have earned our loyalty. - Sarah W. (5 star review on Yelp)

I have had the same vehicle serviced twice by Cecil's Automotive and I'm very pleased with their service.  In the first case, I brought them an issue the internet led me to believe could be quite complex and expensive.  Neil and his colleagues calmly started with the simplest, least expensive solution first and so far it's worked.  In the second case, I left the vehicle overnight for them to troubleshoot a warning light and they quickly determined it was no big deal.  When I asked to pay the customary diagnostic fee, they said "don't worry about it; this one's on us."  I wouldn't expect them to routinely give away their services and advice for free, but this was an especially nice gesture you don't see from chains or dealerships. - Mark D. (5 star review on Yelp)

I always have amazing service at Cecil's ! Mike is great to deal with. I have had warranty work, maintenance work and just diagnostic work done. Every time I've had personalized amazing service. When I told them I wasn't having some of the work done-- it was not an issue. Pleasant to work with! Highly recommend! - Debbie E. (5 star review on Yelp)

Quality customer service and excellent repair work at fair prices! We always take our cars to Tim and he's never let us down! - Kristy W. (5 star reviews on Yelp)

I had an issue with my brakes being squishy and took my car into this place. I was very skeptical, because I just do not trust auto mechanics to tell me the truth (call it too many bad experiences). But I was pleasantly surprised when we got a call following up, as promised. We were told that after flushing lines (or whatever) the issue might be bigger than originally expected, and they wanted to know if they could keep the car one more day, while they order parts. We didn't have plans, so we said OK. The parts were delayed in shipment, and once again, we got a call letting us know they were not going to be there when promised. You just never get that kind of follow through from an auto shop! So, for the third day, they kept my car.

When the part finally came in, it wasn't working as it should, which was creating some major safety issues with my brake lights. The mechanic called us up, told us about the problem, and then (get this) re-installed the original part, because he did not feel confident in the part he ordered! He was upfront and honest about what he was able to do, and what he was not able to do. I was impressed with the attention to detail and the care and concern for the quality of their work. In the end, I was only charged a little over $100 for three days' worth of work, parts, etc. And, by the way, the problem was fixed. They won me over, I will definitely use them in the future. - Amanda W. (5 start review on Yelp)

All I can say is WOW! Cecil's rocks! After having a bad experience at another Collierville auto repair place, I was relieved to find Cecil's. The other auto repair place said we need rear brakes and shocks/struts and we were in disbelief as we had recently replaced those less than a year ago. Neil from Cecil's took care of us. He thoroughly checked out our car and said we did NOT need new brakes and shocks/struts. He fixed a shaky steering wheel by re-adjusting the tires, all for a very nominal price.

If you are looking for a honest, up front, friendly, trustworthy auto repair shop - look no further! You found one right here with Cecil's Automotive. Our new go to auto repair shop! - Julie M. (5 star review on Yelp)

Cecil's is the best. They always take care of us. They are very trustworthy and have very reasonable prices they have fixed all kinds of vehicles for us and never let us down. Cecil's is the best or did I say that already Cecil's is the best. Why would you go to the dealer when you could just go to Cecil's. - Kevin M. (5 star review on Yelp)

Just wanted to say thanks to the mechanic at Cecil's who fixed my tire today. I pulled my car in after I discovered I had a bolt stuck in the center of my tire and asked the gentleman if he could fix my tire quickly. He said yes and promptly took care of the problem. And then when I asked where to pay, he said, "Don't worry about it. Just come back when you need some more work done."

Very nice. Very classy. And I'll be back! - Michael T. (5 star review on Yelp)

I have been using Cecil's for years!  Hell, maybe decades! While I've always been pleased with the service and the work performed a recent visit has shown me how great of a place this repair shop really is. I took my vehicle in for a check engine light that turned into a really strange problem. The day before I took it to Auto Zone to run the check engine codes to see if I could fix it myself. They gave me a report and asked if it was running poorly and I said no, he says, "I wouldn't even worry about it then."

The next morning it started making a strange noise while driving the kids to school.  You see, my car was reverse farting (see my videos, it's funny) out of the cap less gas cap.  Apparently I had a vacuum solenoid relay something (that's not technically the name) that had gone out.  It obviously affects the fuel system greatly. Hence the "gas" my car had, get it "gas".  I'm so funny.  

I drove it to Cecil's. I told him about the strange noise but not about my AZ report to see what they said.  At that point I hadn't figured out the source of the noise.  It wasn't doing it anymore, of course, when I got there.  He said they would check it out and call me. A hour or so later they call and tell me I have the VS thingy out as well as an O2 sensor.  Here's a quote, "I could charge you $300-$400 and fix it for you but this thing is still under warranty, I would take it to the dealership and fix it free".  He couldn't get it to make the noise again either.  Well I'll be!  Someone not in it for the money!  I am so impressed by this act that I will spread the word to any and everyone who will listen.  You will forever be recommended Cecil's!  It wasn't until after I left that it started doing it again.  That was when traced to to the fuel cap.  I always thought that cap was a bad design feature.  

Anyway...  Thank you for being honest and good! - Charisse G. (5 star review found on Yelp)

Once again, Cecil's proves that they are the best in automotive and customer service.

The other day, my husband and I both managed to hit two separate pot holes in two separate cars on the same day. My husband's car is currently still at Cecil's waiting for parts as we unfortunately blew a tire and have to replace two of the wheels. On my car, I managed to bend the rim on one of my wheels and knock the hubcap completely off. I was afraid the tire pressure was going down and I had a possible puncture, but I still had to drive the car to work and on errands. I was concerned today that the tire might blow if I drove it much longer, so I stopped by Cecil's on my lunch break.

They checked me in immediately and had me out of there in 10 minutes. Not only did they straighten the rim and put my hubcap back on, but they checked my tire pressure to ensure it was OK and even gave me some extra air. When I asked them how much I owed, they refused to let me pay them. I actually teared up driving back to work because they took the time to help me and showed me such kindness.

They are a solid bunch of people and have always treated my family with respect and compassion. They are my go-to place when I need help, and I wish I could give them 10 stars.  - Randy C. (5 star review found on Yelp)

Good people, good prices, and quick service. - Larry S. (review on Facebook)

Good, honest people. They won't try and rob you like most. Reminds me of the service my grandfather and I got growing up in Trenton, TN. - Sarah F. (5 star review on Facebook)

Cecil’s Automotive highly recommended to me by a friend. They solved my problem. They’re fair, honest and great to work with. I’ll be back. - Margaret M. (5 star review on Facebook)

Just wanted to say thanks to the mechanic at Cecil's who fixed my tire today. I pulled my car in after I discovered I had a bolt stuck in the center of my tire and asked the gentleman if he could fix my tire quickly.  He said yes and promptly took care of the problem. And then when I asked where to pay, he said, "Don't worry about it. Just come back when you need some more work done." It was very nice and classy. I'll be back! - Kevin M. 

They're great. Very honest, reasonable prices. Pleasure to work with. - Michael T.

Brought my car in after my air conditioning stopped working shortly after moving into town. Cecil's was not able to get me in the same day, but told me to come up the next morning. They were able to diagnose my freon leak and replace it within four hours, they are on par with other shops when it comes to price with friendly customer service to boot. - A.B.

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